Bio | Tunji Adeniyi-Jones



Tunji Adeniyi-Jones (1992, UK)

“My work addresses the ancient history of West Africa, and its associated mythology. The characters and objects that exist from that era inspire me. I am interested in the venerable traditions, philosophies and aesthetics that still permeate African culture today. I believe that it is necessary to highlight the rich colour and substance of these ancient West African kingdoms that both dwarfed and pre dated the Greek and Roman empires.”

Tunji Adeniyi-Jones is a New Haven based artist. He received his BFA in Fine Art from Oxford University and his MFA in Painting/printmaking from The Yale School of Art. Born in England to Nigerian immigrants Tunji has spent a great deal of time between London and Lagos. This cultural duplicity is at the core of his work and practice. Through painting, sculpture, printmaking, and collage, Tunji attempts to articulate the contemporary aesthetic of the African diaspora, through the lens of European history. His work seeks to seduce and entertain the viewer, through injections of colour and charisma.